What Is A Valet Key?

Many car owners are unaware of what this key is, and you may have been handed one when you purchased your vehicle. This key is fairly prevalent in expensive cars, and if you own one, you almost certainly have one. However you can also get this key with regular cars sometimes. The role of a valet key differs from that of a spare key. We’ll learn what this key is, what it does, and what its advantages are.

The name valet key is derived from the word valet, who are attendants that assist you in correctly parking your car when you visit a posh restaurant or an event. A valet key has less capabilities than a master key. It usually starts the car and opens the doors, which is necessary for valet services, but it does not open the glove compartment or the trunk. This prevents shady or curious valets from stealing or having access into your belongings.

A Valet Key

Other advantages of a valet key include preventing unauthorized individuals from taking your car for a joyride. Furthermore, this key does not require any complicated setup or operation, and it comes in useful if you forget your main key.

How To Use A Valet Key

The valet key is usually included with the car or can be found in the owner’s manual. It can also be found inside a specific section of the glove or storage chamber. To locate the specific location, simply consult the user manual or conduct a search on the company’s website.

Open the storage compartment and put all your valuable items inside once you have the valet key.

Toggle the valet parking mode on by pressing the button. This button is usually located near the storage glove box on the dashboard. If you don’t know where your car’s button is located, consult your owner’s manual.

When you have turned on the valet mode, close the storage container, lock it, and you’re done. Now you don’t have to be concerned about your valuables when you hand over this grey key not only to the valet, but also your car washer or your mechanic.

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