What Is Hotwiring And How Is It Done?

When you start a vehicle’s engine without a key, this is known as hotwiring. We’ve all seen movies where a car thief sneaks beneath the steering column and pulls two wires together to start a car. But is it that easy? You should be able to hotwire your vehicle very easily if it was built in the mid-1990s or earlier. This is so because computers and electronic locking systems had not yet been developed and integrated into vehicles at this time. However, unlike in earlier models, you will have to deal with central computer systems that handle the locking mechanisms, and this makes it more difficult. This does not rule out the fact that modern cars cannot be hotwired. In an event you lose your ignition keys, following some basic steps should help you start your car.

When working with wiring, exercise extreme caution and refer to the Owner’s Manual for precise instructions on the colour coding and wires connected with your model. The video below illustrates how to hotwire your car.

How To Hotwire A Car

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