How Long Can A Bad Tyre Be Driven?

Some people rely on buying used tyres from abroad, but buying used tyres has drawbacks. To begin with, regardless of whether the tyres are utilized abroad or locally, their lifespan will be shortened. When bought in good condition, secondhand tyres typically last 2 to 5 years. However, because the lifespan of a used tyre is so unpredictable, all calculations are only guesses. Many times, car owners are unaware that their tyres have deteriorated and are exhibiting no symptoms. For a variety of reasons, this is a high-risk proposition.

The cause of the 2013 accident that killed Paul Walker, the famous actor from the “FAST AND FURIOUS” film franchise, was found to be 9-year-old tyres in the Porsche Carrera GT he was driving in. According to the Los Angeles Times, the authorities highlighted that the tyres’ age may have affected the car’s drivability and handling characteristics.

Paul Walker Accident Scene

Driving on worn tyres, regardless of tread depth, is unsafe. Despite the fact that many car owners and drivers ignore the federal government’s safety guidelines on when a tyre is too old to be safe, many car manufacturers recommend replacing them after six years.

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