Do Commercial Car Wash Ruin Car Paint?

Commercial car washing is becoming increasingly popular, with new outlets springing up all across the country. Many of them wash vehicles with industrial-grade washers. What about the delicate painted exteriors of the cars that these machines wash, even though they are efficient in their operation? Do they protect the exterior coating? We’ll compare the advantages and downsides of commercial car washing against DIY (Do It Yourself) car washing to find which is better.

Avoiding Small Particles

Because cars are frequently exposed to outdoor elements such as sunshine, dust, and other particles, your car’s paint may be degraded. As a result, if your car is not properly washed, these elements, particularly dust, can leave fine scratches on the surface. This is where a water pressurizing machine comes in handy, since it removes small dust particles from your car’s surface.

Type Of Water

If recycled water is used, it will contain very fine sand and grit particles. It doesn’t matter if you use a water pressurizer or not because sand particles will still be left on the car’s surface. When drying the car, this will almost certainly leave fine scratches on the surface.

Type Of Soap

One of the most significant factors to consider while washing your car at a commercial car wash is the type of shampoo or soap used. Your car’s paint will be protected from the sun and dust if you use the correct washing liquid. Car shampoos do not harm the paint of the car, and some even leave a protective film (possibly Teflon) that protects the paint from dust particles, which are the main source of paint damage. A clean microfiber cloth should be used for wiping.


Commercial car washing is unquestionably more efficient than DIY car washing, but in most circumstances, the appropriate ingredients and approach cannot be assured. Although DIY car cleaning takes time, it ensures a long-lasting paint job. After all, it’s only normal for you to want to maintain your car’s appearance because it’s in your best interest to keep your asset safe.

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