Common Car Gearbox Problems: Gear Slipping

Gearboxes are one of the most important components of a car, and they need to be perfectly operating if you want to drive safely. However, gearbox problems can occur from time to time, which can lead to gears slipping. If this happens, it can be very dangerous for you and other drivers on the road. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most common gearbox problems and how you can fix them.

Gears slipping is one of the most common car gearbox problems. It usually occurs when the gears are not properly lubricated. In order to prevent this from happening, make sure to regularly inspect the condition of your car’s gears and oil. If you notice any slipping or grinding, take action right away and schedule a gearbox servicing and repair.

Clogged up gear valves and contaminated gear fluid can prevent the transmission box from shifting properly. Using manufacturer’s recommended fluid in the gear box will ensure long lasting and efficiently working transmission.

Sometimes the fuse or the circuits controlling the gear valves may not receive enough current or no current at all thereby affecting the transmission overall performance. Current surge or rust often cuts the fuse responsible for delivering power to the gear valves causing gear slipping issue. Check the circuits properly and correct any suspected wire burn or rust.

Gearboxes are one of the most important components in a car, and as such, they deserve proper care and attention. By regularly inspecting and lubricating your gearbox, you can help prevent it from experiencing any problems in the future. You can also buy genuine transmission fluid in our online store, to help keep your gearbox in perfect condition. Keep checking back on our website for more updates!

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I've worked as a technical support representative in major auto centers in Nigeria for more than twenty years. I have dealt with a variety of problems in my capacity as a customer service representative and auto diagnostics expert. I'm committed to assisting people in properly maintaining their automobiles and in appreciating this magnificent innovation known as an automobile.

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