What Does Fuel Additives Really Do?

Ever wondered what those fuel additives do in your fuel tank? A fuel additive is an aftermarket chemical that can be added to the fuel tank that prevents corrosion, improves horsepower and fuel economy, reduces emission and more. We will look at these benefits and why it is good for the overall performance of your car.

It helps to keep fuel fresh

Fuel additives help to keep fuel fresh by preventing the formation of gum and varnish deposits.

It reduces corrosion

Fuel additives can also help to reduce corrosion in engine parts.

It cleans the injectors

Over time, fuel injectors can become clogged with deposits. Fuel additives can help to clean the injectors and restore proper functioning.

It improves mileage

By keeping the engine clean and running efficiently, fuel additives can help to improve mileage.

It protects against phase separation

Phase separation is a process where water and gasoline separate, causing problems with the engine’s ability to run smoothly. Fuel additives can help to protect against phase separation.

A full tank of fuel can be treated with less than a litre of additive. Regular usage of fuel additives can ensure that your engine and vehicle perform at their best. This will give you a long-lasting vehicle with a high resell value. Visit our store for fuel additives.

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