What Causes Traffic Jams?

Anyone who drives in a city has probably experienced traffic at a certain point. This is an unavoidable fact of city life. While it’s easy to complain about them, it can be more helpful to know exactly what causes traffic jams. The information on this page will review the theories behind traffic congestion.

Over the years different experts have come up with various theories relating to the causes of traffic jams. However one theory sums up everything.

The city’s traffic congestion is a result of the increase in number of vehicles on the road, lack of mass transit, and poor infrastructure.

Traffic jams are a common phenomenon that occurs when there is an increase in the number of cars on the road and a sudden decrease in the flow rate.

Traffic jams happen when more cars try to enter an already congested area. The traffic jam continues until one or more drivers choose to leave their vehicle and walk.

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