The Worst Things to Do When Your Car is Stuck in a Traffic Jam

Traffic jams are a common sight in many cities around the world. But while they may seem like a nuisance, they can actually be quite dangerous. In fact, according to The Guardian, there are seven things that you should never do when your car is stuck in traffic. If you do any of these things, you’re liable to end up in serious trouble. So if you’re ever stuck in traffic, make sure to avoid these dangerous behaviors!

Don’t honk your horn

This is one of the most common ways that drivers try to get other motorists to move. As innocent as this may be not only does it just make the traffic situation worse, but it can also cause accidents.

Don’t TEXT or use your phone

While you may be tempted to check Facebook or send a text, doing so while in traffic can actually be really dangerous and irresponsible. Not to mention, it’s illegal in many places. Not only are you ignoring the safety warnings that are being given out by law enforcement officials, but you’re also putting yourself and others in danger by driving while distracted.

Don’t brake randomly

Just because you’re stuck in traffic doesn’t mean that you have the right to stop anywhere and start speeding up again – especially if there’s a lot of traffic around you.

Don’t change lanes without signaling

And finally, changing lanes without telling other drivers is dangerous and often disruptive, which can lead to more accidents.

Stay focused and alert

Avoid taking substances or medication that may alter your focus on the road. If for any reason you are intoxicated find other means to get to your destination. Also make sure you get enough sleep to avoid fatigue.

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