What Will Happen If I Put A Jet Fuel In A Car?

The Hollywood blockbuster “Fast n Furious” has made the concept of putting a jet fuel in a car very popular among car enthusiasts. Turns out some people out of curiosity are trying to up the ante by putting jet fuel in their vehicles in an effort to create a huge explosion within the car engine to trigger enormous horsepower. While this might seem like a fun and terrifying thing to do, is it actually safe? And will this damage the engine of the car? In this article, we’ll tell you what you need to know about this and what will be the outcome of doing this.

What is jet fuel?

Jet fuel is a highly volatile and dangerous substance that derives its energy from the combustion of jets engines. It consists mainly of hydrocarbons made up of molecules with sizes ranging from one atom to hundreds, and typically contains 15-25 percent oxygen by weight. When burned in an engine, these hydrocarbons create heat, carbon dioxide, water vapor (H2O), and nitrogen oxide (NOx).

Why would someone put jet fuel in their car?

Some people may be curious about this trend because it seems like something that could result in a huge explosion and increase the power of their car. However, this is not actually safe or practical to do. Theoretically speaking, if you put jet fuel in your engine it could cause an enormous explosion that would trigger massive amounts of horsepower. However, this is highly unlikely to happen and could potentially damage the engine itself in the process. In fact, according to reports by The Telegraph, some have even ended up with severely damaged engines after attempting this stunt without properly understanding how risky it was.

What will be the outcome?

If you decide to try putting jet fuel in your car engine, it’s important to be aware of how dangerous this can be. This can potentially damage your car and can even be fatal. In addition, if you don’t understand the chemistry behind jet fuel or combustion of jet fuel, do not try this.

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