Sex in a Car: How Safe Is It?

There’s no denying that sex in a car can be a wild and exciting experience. However, is it really safe? There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about sex in a car, and it’s important to know the facts before you decide to jump in. In this article, we’ll discuss all the risks and benefits of having sex in a car, and provide you with advice on how to make the experience as safe as possible.

The short answer is that there isn’t enough research available to make an accurate judgement. While some people may feel safer having sex in a car because they believe nobody can see them, this isn’t necessarily true. In fact, there are many ways for someone to view and hear you during sex inside a car – through the windows, from outside the vehicle, or even from inside if somebody opens the door.

So far, all studies conducted on this topic have found that engaging in sexual activity in public places (such as cars) significantly increases your risk of being caught and charged for indecent public exposure, however the charges for this offense can vary from place to place. A quiet isolated place is good to avoid drawing attention to yourselves, but that is not all.

Except you are in a caravan, the interior of an average car lacks space. Since sex requires a certain level of body movement, you should expect the experience not to be a comfortable one.

The car isn’t always the best place to have sex, however if you must do this, privacy is very important. Use the nearest park or somewhere that can be considered private. Safety is another factor that must be considered also, avoid places where you could be attacked. And lastly, never have sex in a moving car!

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