Road Hoodlums vs. Lagos Road Transport Workers Striking: Facts You Need To Know

On Monday, Lagos residents were met by a shortage of commercial transportation in several areas of the city. Since many Lagosians depend on them for transit to work, this swiftly turned into a significant commuting issue. The Lagos transportation industry has had a difficult week thus far due to strikes by bus drivers in various parts of the city. Lagos Union of Road Transport Workers (LURTW) are protesting for better working conditions while road hoodlums continue to cause mayhem. We will examine the main details of the LURTW strike and the wider turmoil in the transportation industry.

According to the LURTW, they are having a lot of trouble and are being harassed and extorted by the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency (LASTMA), the police, and road hoodlums. The Lagos State Government is alleged to have abandoned the LURTW.

One coordinator of the LRTW said: “The state has never done anything to support us. We’ve been ignored for years now and it’s really frustrating because every day is hellish for us to provide for our families.”

The extortion is blamed by many as being one of the main causes of high transport fare in Lagos State. If nothing is done about it, this will make the lives of Nigerians even more difficult.

According to reports, there have been unrest in parts of Lagos between bus drivers and road hoodlums popularly known as “Aberos”. But generally in all, it has been a peaceful protest.

This shows that Nigerians are becoming frustrated with the extent of corruption in the nation. Their demand is to clean up the system, remove the road hoodlums from the area, and clean up government institutions in order to better the lives of Lagos commuters. What do you think about this matter? Do you think systemic change must occur first, or do you think more people like these need to start protesting? Please leave a comment in the comment box below.

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