One-Chance: Road Transit Robbers, How to Avoid Them

If you’re are like many people that live in urban areas, there’s often the need for you to leave home early so to avoid getting caught up in traffic. This sometimes can be risky especially this time of the year. Criminal gangs take advantage of early hours of the day to lure unsuspecting pedestrians into their vehicles to rob them and leave them stranded. This group of criminals are popularly known locally in Nigeria as “One-Chance”. We will discuss who these people are, the approach they often use to lure people in and how to identify them. This will help to keep you safe while on the road during early hours of the morning.

Who are these robbers?

These people are members of the society just like everyone else. Mostly they are young adult men. However, sometimes women, elderly people and even children are among their groups. Their aim is to fool you in believing they are not thieves in order to lure you into their vehicle. On few occasions, their look may give them away.

How they operate

Different groups operate in different ways. Some operate in commercial vehicles, while others in private vehicles and another group pose as pedestrians. Those that operate in vehicles target people looking for a ride. They attack victims after they enter the vehicle, while others resort to scamming their victims. Unlike the groups that operate in vehicles, the ones that operate as pedestrians attack both people waiting for a ride and unsuspecting cars in the traffic.

Even commercial drivers are not left out from been attacked. Some of these criminal groups pose as passengers and apprehend a car with it’s occupants.

How to avoid them

Unfortunately, these criminal groups are always prowling the roads, the only way to avoid them and protect yourself and your valuables is to:

  • Wait for a ride in groups or at busy bus stops. Thieves often don’t like crowded places because this increases their chances of been caught and also limit their chances of escape.
  • If you can, never carry valuables at early hours of the morning if you are not in a car. If you must carry valuables, take a taxi, preferably from a reputable taxi service.
  • Look into a vehicle before getting in and always keep your senses at high alert, trust your instincts.
  • When in a car always make sure all your doors are shut and your windows up especially if you are in traffic.
  • Also when in a car keep your valuables out of reach and away from prying eyes.

What are your thoughts? Have you encountered any of these criminal groups? How did you manage the situation? Please leave a comment in the box below if you have any additional tips to help others. You never know, you could be saving a life.

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