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Inter-State Travelling Safety Rules

As the holiday season approaches it’s traditional for many people to travel to visit families and friends. However, given the unstable security problem across the country, it’s very important to keep safe when making road trips from one state to another. In this article, we have put together key points to take note of when crossing state lines. This will help protect you, your companions and your properties when travelling and when you get to your destination.

Carry valid means of identification

Make sure you are updated on the security situation in each of your destinations before travelling. Always carry copies of all important identification documents with you when travelling – including your driver’s license, national ID card – no matter where you are going or how long it will take to get there.

Choose the right time to travel

It’s highly advisable to travel during the day. If you must travel early, make sure you leave close to the breaking of the day, 6am is a good time. Do not stay on the road too late after dark, if for some reason you are held up on the road, seek a place to pass the night.

Make sure your vehicle is in good condition

The last thing you would want to happen when on a long road trip is to have a car breakdown, a stranded driver is very vulnerable to attack. A day before your trip make sure you check your oil level, tyre pressure and other important parts of the car. Also make sure you have a good spare tyre and other tyre changing tools with you in the car. Check out this product LIQUID TYRE SEALANT – This stops your tyre from deflating when punctured.

Maintain a safe speed

Don’t exceed 100km per hour, for timely judgment, look out for traps and slow down cautiously when necessary.

Move in a group if possible

When making an inter-state road trip, moving in a group has proven beneficial for support purposes. In case of breakdowns or mishaps on the road, you are always sure that your travelling party is there to help. A convoy also intimidate criminals on the road. Isolated cars are often easy pickings for bandits, so if you can travel in a group.

Co-operate with law enforcement agents

First and foremost law enforcement agents are on the road primarily for your safety. Always ensure to co-operate with them whenever you are stopped. Arguing with them or fighting with them is a foolish act and may land you in jail, do well to avoid this.

There you have it! Although there are other important tips that are not mentioned here. For the benefit of other readers, please feel free to add your recommended tips in the comment section below. Thanks.

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