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Why Are Spare Tyres not Actual Standard Tyres?

Spare tyres are a common sight on cars and trucks, but why are they not actually standard tyres? The main reason is that spare tyres are designed for use in cases of emergency. They’re not meant to be driven on a regular basis, and as such, they don’t last as long as regular tyres. Additionally, spare tyres are often heavier than regular tyres, which can cause problems when driving on the road.

Spare tyres are much smaller than full-size wheels, making it possible to store the wheel behind a detachable panel within the car with much more ease. Full Size Spares are available in some vehicles, however because of their size, they are usually be mounted outside the car.

To ensure that a full-size spare tyre is useful in an emergency, it must be periodically driven on and inspected. This is so because a full-size tyre’s construction differs greatly from an emergency spare. A spare tyre is only used when necessary, whereas a full-size tyre is made to be used on a regular basis.

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