How To Know If Your Car’s Engine Has An Internal Oil Leak

If your car’s engine is making a loud noise, has light smoke coming out of the exhaust, or is losing power, it might be time to take it to a mechanic and have its oil checked. An internal oil leak can be a serious problem, causing the engine to wear down more quickly and requiring more frequent repairs. Here are a few things to keep in mind when checking for an oil leak.

Smokey exhaust

A smokey exhaust is a fairly typical warning indication of internal oil leakage. The presence of thick white smoke rising from the exhaust pipe while your engine is running is a sign that oil is leaking into the combustion chamber and is being burned alongside fuel and air. When this occurs, it is due to worn or damaged piston rings because oil is intended to lubricate the pistons and other moving parts of the engine, not to participate in the combustion process. These need to be changed.

Sound coming from inside the engine

Your engine is designed to operate quietly. The oil offers the vital lubrication needed to lessen friction caused by metals grinding against one another. The internal engine components rub against one another when there is insufficient lubrication as a result of an oil leak, which causes noise from the engine.

Frequent low oil level

The dipstick is likely the oldest and most used oil level indicator in a car. After adding oil to the engine and checking the dipstick again a few days later, you might be dealing with an internal oil leak.

Over heating

An indication of internal oil leakage is over heating. Oil plays a vital role in reducing friction in the engine. Friction generates heat, therefore when there is low oil level as a result of internal leakage, temperature begins to build up and this causes over heating.

Knowing these signs will help you to address this problem before it escalates into a costly damage. If you have more addition to these points listed above, please share with everyone. You can drop it in the comment section below.

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