Why Do Some Cars Have Two Exhaust Outlets?

Do you know why some cars have two exhaust outlets? Probably not! But that’s because this feature is unique to some vehicles – and it has a purpose. Two exhaust outlets allow the driver to run the car in “lean mode” – which maximizes fuel efficiency. By running the engine in lean mode, you can save a lot of fuel, which can ultimately save you money. So if you’re ever in a situation where your car has just one exhaust outlet, don’t worry – you’re not alone!

Additionally many cars with a V-layout engine would have two completely separate exhaust pipes, one from each bank of cylinders, running down the left and right sides of the car, ending in two separate outlets at the back of the car.

Some vehicles with non-V-layout engines also employ that structure. For example, the previous Jaguar Series III XJ6 had a straight-6 engine with a single set of exhaust headers, but they split somewhere underneath the vehicle and finished in two distinct exhaust points, one on each side. This may have been done to maintain the symmetry of the car’s rear or to give it a “V12 look,” but it probably doesn’t offer any unique performance or efficiency advantages.

A lot of cars also have two exhaust tips that are directly next to one another and extend from the final silencer box. Two circular pipes placed side by side take up less space vertically than a single pipe with the same total cross-sectional area, which may be a genuine packaging benefit. However, the major benefit is probably because they look awesome.

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