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The Best Way To Drive A Car With An Automatic Gear Box Up A Steep Hill

If you have ever tried to drive past a hill in an automatic gear box car, you will know what I’m talking about. It’s all too easy for the car to slip, and when it does: instant brick wall. To drive a car with an automatic gear box up a steep hill, you will need to understand how the car’s automatic transmission works. Read on if you want your automatic gear box to last.

The automatic transmission uses a hydraulic system to change gears. The hydraulic fluid is pumped from the engine through a series of valves and pistons which control how fast each gear is engaged. When you press on your gas pedal, it activates one of these pistons and causes the car to go into higher gears.

When driving up a steep hill, you may find that the car does not go into high enough gears for you to maintain speed without losing power or stalling out. This is because there isn’t enough torque coming from your engine to push against gravity and keep your vehicle moving forward without stalling out or slowing down significantly due to lack of traction between tires and road surface (in other words: no grip).

To avoid this problem while driving an automatic transmission vehicle up a steep hill, try using neutral rather than keeping it in first gear while climbing up inclines; this will allow the engine’s RPMs (revolutions per minute) to increase while still maintaining some level of control over steering direction without having to worry about stalling out due to lack of power.

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