Signs Of A Bad Shock Absorber, What To Look Out For

A strut, commonly referred to as a shock absorber, is a crucial part of a car’s suspension system. Its main purpose is to reduce and absorb the shocks and vibrations caused by driving through uneven or difficult terrain. Shock absorbers, however, can deteriorate with time, resulting in diminished performance and perhaps jeopardizing the vehicle’s safety. These are some indicators that it might be time to repair your shock absorbers:

  • Bad Handling: If your car feels shaky or unsteady when you’re driving, especially while turning or going around bends, it may be that your shock absorbers aren’t functioning properly.
  • Bumpy Ride: If your car bounces a lot when you drive over bumps or uneven roads, your shock absorbers probably aren’t working properly.
  • Leaking fluid: It is obvious that your shock absorbers need to be replaced if you notice any oil or fluid escaping from them. Your ride quality would suffer without the fluid since it dampens shocks and vibrations.
  • Uneven tyre wear: Your shock absorbers may not be distributing the weight of the car equally if your tyres are wearing unevenly, which can result in excessive tyre wear.
  • Noise: When driving over bumps or rough roads, you might hear banging or knocking noises. This could mean that your shock absorbers need to be replaced since they are worn out.

Regular shock absorber inspections by a qualified mechanic are vital since worn or damaged shock absorbers can threaten the stability and safety of your car.

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