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Why is My Engine Running Rough After an Oil Change? Unraveling the Mystery of Rough Idling and Engine Problems

The most important maintenance practice that every car owner must do on a regular basis is an oil change. But when your engine begins to misfire right after an oil change, it can be annoying. Don’t panic if you’ve found yourself in this predicament! In this article, we’ll look at the potential causes of an engine that runs rough after an oil change and go over what has to be done to fix it.

Wrong Oil Grade or Quality

The performance of your engine could decline if you use low-quality or wrong oil grade. Every vehicle has different oil requirements, and using the wrong grade of oil can result in increased friction, insufficient lubrication, and eventually an engine that runs rough. Always make sure you’re using the correct oil for your engine by consulting the owner’s handbook or a reliable mechanic.

Contaminated Oil or Oil Filter

Contaminants like dirt, debris, or metal shavings can occasionally seep into the oil or oil filter during an oil change. These impurities can lead to blockage, inadequate lubrication, and rough idling if they flow through the engine. To avoid contamination, it is essential to use a clean oil filter and handle the oil carefully.

Improper Oil Level or Overfilling

For engines to operate at their best, the oil level must be kept at the proper level. Overfilling can result in excessive pressure and foaming, while using too little oil might lead to insufficient lubrication. Both situations may lead to an engine that runs rough. Whenever possible, follow to the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure the oil level is within the recommended range by checking it again after an oil change.

Loose or Damaged Components

It’s possible for parts like the drain plug, oil filter, and oil cap to come free or break during an oil change. Rough idling and lower oil pressure may result from improperly fastened items that leak oil. Check these parts frequently and make sure they are tightened or replaced as necessary.

Unrelated Underlying Issues

Your engine may occasionally run rough after an oil change, which could be accidental and unrelated to the oil change itself. The rough idling could be the result of various underlying problems including a broken ignition system, a clogged fuel injector, or a damaged sensor. See a qualified mechanic for a thorough diagnostic if the issue still doesn’t go away after resolving the oil change-related factors. Follow this link to find a qualified mechanic close to you:

After an oil change, an engine that runs rough might be irritating but knowing what could be causing it can help you fix it quickly. Make sure you’re using the right quality of oil, keep the oil level at the right level, and handle the oil and filter carefully. To identify and address any underlying problems, it’s imperative to get expert assistance if the situation continues. To keep your engine operating smoothly and efficiently, bear in mind that timely repairs and routine maintenance are essential.

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