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Car Manufacturers’ Dirty Little Secrets (Rumors and Scandals)

Do you think you are fully aware of the history of your choice car brand? It’s time to rethink your thoughts. Controversy is nothing new to the auto industry, and even the most respectable auto producers have dark secrets. It’s time to reveal some of the best-kept secrets in the industry.

Emissions Scandals Galore

Who could overlook the 2015 Volkswagen “Dieselgate” scandal? The German carmaker said that it had put illicit software in millions of cars in order to rig pollution testing. However, VW was not the only offender; over the years, accusations of emissions manipulation have also been made against Fiat Chrysler and Renault. Some claim that this is only the beginning of automakers’ system-gaming activities.

Safety Cover-Ups

Prioritizing business over the lives of others? The car business has often been plagued by this regrettable fact. Some businesses have been accused of downplaying or hiding safety hazards to avoid expensive recalls, from Ford’s infamous Pinto fuel tank crisis to GM’s ignition switch flaw related to over 100 deaths. Not to be overlooked is the ongoing Takata airbag scandal, which has impacted millions of cars from various manufacturers.

Shady Marketing Tactics

“Unbeatable safety ratings,” “best-in-class fuel economy”—we’ve all seen these dramatic statements made in vehicle advertisements. However, several automakers have come under fire for their advertising tactics that distort the truth. Do you recall when Hyundai and Kia were exposed for inflating fuel efficiency claims on several of their models? Or when Mitsubishi acknowledged that it had manipulated testing procedures to increase fuel efficiency claims?

Trade Secrets Intrigue

Business espionage, who knows? Some juicy disputes involving stolen trade secrets have resulted from the competition for technical superiority. Recall the time when a former worker at Uber was charged with stealing thousands of private documents from Google’s autonomous vehicle project? Or when Tesla claimed that a software developer had stolen confidential Autopilot source code and sent it to a competitor? The best kind of high-stakes corporate drama.

These are but a few illustrations of the tumultuous history of the car business. Of course, not all manufacturers bear the same guilt, and many have taken steps to increase accountability and transparency. However, it’s our responsibility as customers to be aware and demand more from these businesses.

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