Symptoms of a Bad Engine Belt (Serpentine Belt)

Serpentine belts in cars are vital parts that drive many important systems. It may cause obvious problems once it begins to malfunction. The common signs of a malfunctioning serpentine belt will be examined in this article, along with appropriate solutions. To preserve the performance of your car, read on to discover how to spot warning signs and take preventative action!

Warning Lights on Dashboard:

The serpentine belt powers the alternator, which charges the car battery. If the belt isn’t functioning correctly, warning lights (like the battery light) may appear on the dashboard¹.

Heavy Steering:

A failing serpentine belt affects power steering, making it harder to steer the vehicle. Check power steering fluid levels too¹.

Visually Cracked Belt:

Inspect the belt for cracks, abrasions, or separation. Replace it if you notice any damage¹.

Squealing Noises:

Early warning sign! Squealing sounds indicate misalignment or a worn belt. Address it promptly¹.

Air Conditioning Not Working:

The serpentine belt powers the A/C compressor. If cold air isn’t coming from the vents, check the belt¹.

How to Fix a Squeaky Belt:

Lubricate the Belt:

Use a lubricant like soap or WD-40 to moisten a dry belt. Apply it to the inside surface while the engine is running⁸⁹.

Tighten or Replace the Belt:

Adjust the tension or replace the belt if it’s worn, cracked, or loose⁸.

What to Do When Your Engine Belt Cuts:

Stop Driving Immediately:

If you suspect your fan belt (serpentine belt) is cut, cease driving. Continuing could cause severe engine damage.

Call for Assistance:

Contact a tow truck or roadside assistance service to transport your car to a repair shop.

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