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How To Avoid Dull Colour And Corrosion On Your Car

Keeping your car paint quality is an important issue, especially when you live in coastal area of the sea like Lagos. Sometimes you may observe your car and notice the dullness of your car paint, this is caused by sea water corrosion.

Sea water has a considerable level of salt and Chloride which reacts with metals, interacting with oxygen and other environmental factors giving it a rather corrosive nature when in contact with the body of your car.

Some people may think, they are not close enough to the sea, but it will surprise you to know that due to our proximity to the sea, the very wind we feel and breathe comes directly from the Atlantic ocean and carries components of these damaging elements with it.

So how do we protect our cars from these elements?

1.) Regular Car Washing

Cars must be washed at least everyday to flush out tiny residues of salt and chloride. Attention must be paid to parts of cars that are purely metallic.

2.) Car Waxing

For the reason of understanding, car wax can be likened to a shoes polish, not only does it give your car the shine, it protects your car from corrosion. For people who live in Lagos, it should be a compulsory duty to wax your car at least every two months.

In the market nowadays, some car wash soaps claim to have waxing properties, not that I doubt them but I still recommend using a proper car wax. It comes in various forms like liquid or gelatinous. The most popular car wax in Nigeria is “ABRO” car wax, although there are still some very good ones around too.

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Application of car wax is very simple. After washing and drying your car, apply the car wax on the body by rubbing it on with a dry rag. Leave for 30 minutes and shine with a dry rag, that’s all. More instruction is on the container.

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