2017 Toyota Land Cruiser: King Of The Off Road

The 2017 Land Cruiser has been boldly named “King Of The Off Road” by Toyota. Considered as the number one vehicle for off road abilities, the Land Cruiser is packed with an impressive 4X4 capability and a 5.7L V8 i-engine.

This vehicle is an ultimate expression of luxury and capability. A stylish front end LED lighting which gives maximum illumination both during the day and night. Whether you are traversing uncharted terrain both in the day or night, you will be rest assured that you attain unbeatable performance.

The 2017 Land Cruiser has been fitted with a multi terrain monitor which could help the driver search immediate terrain environment for potential trouble. A simple push of a button will display front, rear and side camera views.

The Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) helps to keep optimal traction on the road, no matter how uneven the terrain is. When the KDSS is engaged, it automatically disconnects the sway bar and adjusts the suspension system for better wheel articulation. So bring on the challenging road, the 2017 Land Cruiser will conquer it.

The V8 5.7L i-engine is as powerful as it is fuel efficient, fitted with intelligent variable valve timing which senses when there is no need for excessive fuel injection and effectively manages the fuel combustion, yet giving you the power of a V8 cylinder engine.

Now it’s understandable to agree with Toyota when they say that the 2017 Land Cruiser is indeed the the King Of The Off Road.

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