How To Choose The Right Windshield Wiper Blades

When driving it’s very important to have a clear vision especially during the rainy season, your windshield wiper blades helps you to achieve this. This means you must make sure it’s in optimal shape. If your windshield wiper blades are skipping, streaking, splitting, or squeaking, it might be time for a replacement. But before installing new blades, you have to choose which ones to get.

The blade of a wiper is made of rubber; thus, it will naturally wear out after several months of wiping off water and dust from your windshield. Some vehicle owners will take their car to an auto workshop and ask a mechanic to change the rubber blades, or the whole wiper blade. Considering the cost of new wiper blades plus a fair labour cost, it’s best to install them yourself which is an easy process.

Many modern vehicles have curved windshields, so the blade needs to curve too, to make good contact as it wipes. There are many brands of wiper blades with various kinds of packaging, some of which you can see through and some of which you can’t. Straight wiper blades are suitable for car with a flat windshield, while slightly curved wiper blades may be more suitable for car with streamline windshield.

When you have purchased a new windshield wiper blades, it time to install it. The short video below will show a how.

Hope with the help of this video you will learn to replace your bad wiper blades. This will save you unnecessary mechanic labour cost.

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