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Salah Holidays: How To Transport Livestock Safely

As we approach the Salah celebration, lots of Muslims across the country are buying livestock for the festival. Transportation of livestock is a crucial part of this process. It’s important to be aware that livestock such as cattle, rams and goats on transit are very elusive and special care should be taken  to ensure the safety of both the driver and the livestock. Below are few safety tips for transporting livestock.

Livestock are prone to various transportation stress factors. You must contend with immediate, short-acting stress factors that occurs as soon as the animal commences the journey such as unfamiliar surroundings like the interior of a vehicle, unstable footings because the vehicle is moving and unexpected change in standing position.

It’s always a preferable option to use a Pick-up truck, a van or the back of an SUV. If carrying a larger livestock, a bigger vehicle is required. It’s crucial to make the animal as comfortable as possible when on transit. If at the back of an SUV, considered covering the rear interior with towels before laying the animal or if in the case of a pick up truck, wood shavings. This padding and bedding provides a measure of comfort for the animal and cushion any rapid kicking. Also it makes cleaning up a whole lot easier.

Make sure that the animal is tied on both legs and placed in a lying position. Livestock that aren’t standing up will not pee, but they will poop this is much easier to handle, you wouldn’t want your car smelling of urine.

Don’t forget you are carrying an animal, avoid rapid stops, and quick turns or curves. Drive slowly and cautiously. If your trip will take many hours or days, provide the livestock with feed during the trip and stop every 3 to 4 hours to let them eat, drink, and regain their equilibrium.

Hope this tip comes useful. Have a nice holiday.

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