Safe Road Trip: Places To Stop And Places To Avoid

The holidays are fast approaching and lots of people are planning to travel for the season. Traveling by road is common during this period in Nigeria and it’s important to be prepared for the journey. Many Nigerian interstate highways are relatively isolated and lots of uncertainties are lurking at every corner of the road. During this time of the year a lot of unscrupulous individuals prey on unsuspecting commuters along the roads. We will be looking at how to safely travel on Nigerian roads and places to avoid.

No one knows the roads better than those who operate on it all the time. One of the people to look out for are the transporters, this period is often a busy time for them on the road, this means help is not always far off. A very easy way to know where to avoid is to observe them. Due to their experience, commercial drivers can spot the best places to rest, eat and use the bathroom.

It’s said that prevention is always the best form of defense. Make sure your vehicle is in very good condition before you embark on the road trip to avoid being a victim of highway con-mechanics. Whatever you do, highway mechanics are not places you will like to stop. About eight out of every ten highway mechanics are fraudulent so don’t take that chance.

Another good choice for stop overs on a road trip are police, customs, road-safety (FRSC) or army check points. Considered a safe and secured part of the road, security personnel won’t mind a quick rest or dash to the bathroom.

One the road, there are popular towns en-route to your destination. These places are safe places to stop over and rest, busy junctions and bus stops are the best choices. Avoid being persuaded to drive to isolated locations.

Wherever you are traveling for your holidays, be prepared, be vigilant and be careful. Staying safe should be the most important priority on your mind. Being cautious will help you have a wonderful holiday trip.

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