“Car Parked At Owner’s Risk” It’s Legal Meaning, And Do You Still Have Claim?

“Car Parked At Owner’s Risk” These words are printed on signs posted on walls and fences, and they are occasionally even sprayed on walls as graffiti. It simply states that you are responsible for any damage or theft to your car while it is parked on the premises, and that the property owner will not be held liable. What does this mean legally in layman’s terms, and do you have a claim in this situation?

This notice could also indicate that any security or other operating personnel engaged by the property owner is not obligated to keep an eye on your vehicle.

When posted where everyone can see it, this notice has a lot of legal weight. If a case of car theft or damage is brought to court, for example, the property owner will claim that the sign was readily visible to the car owner and that the car owner was aware of the potential danger before parking.

However, as with anything, there are two sides to every story. If the property owner does not post a sign providing this disclaimer, and the car owner has proof to show it, the car owner may file a claim.

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