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Why It’s Important To Remove Small Stones In The Treads Of Car Tyres

We frequently overlook tiny bits of stone or other small debris trapped in our tyre treads, yet doing so can be important for preserving the health of the tyre and guaranteeing our safety as we go along the road. Small stones can cause a great deal of damage to your car’s tyre. Not only do they prevent the tyre from breathing, but they can also create punctures that lead to tyre failure. There are a few reasons why you should remove small stones from inside the tyre treads.

Stones can damage the tyre and cause it to wear more quickly.

They can increase the chances of your car going off the road in wet conditions, as they make the surface impenetrable for water.

They can also decrease your car’s grip on the road, making it harder to stop on a slippery surface.

It’s important to remove all small stones and other debris from inside the tyre treads before you start driving, as even a tiny piece can cause problems. If your tyres are in need of replacement, it’s worth consulting with a professional for advice on what steps needs to be taken to ensure proper tyre health.

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