Why Does The Engine Still Give Out A Ticking Sound After An Oil Change?

If you’ve ever changed your own oil, you are aware of how satisfying this can be. However, after an oil change, sometimes you may hear a ticking sound coming from the engine. We’re going through several reasons why this could happen.

There could be several reasons why an engine may still tick after an oil change.

One possibility is that the new oil has not yet been distributed evenly throughout the engine and that certain parts may still be producing noise due to friction. The new oil might require some time to completely lubricate all the engine parts.

Another possibility is that the engine already has wear and tear or corrosion, which can still produce ticking noises even when using new oil. If this is the case, changing the oil might not completely stop the ticking sound, and further investigation might be required.

Additionally, other problems like a worn-out or loose belt, a broken valve, or a problem with the fuel injection system could be the cause of the ticking sound.

It is best to have a trained mechanic analyze your car in order to identify and fix any potential problems if you are worried about the ticking noise that occurred after an oil change.

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