Knowing The Difference Between NURTW And Agberos

In recent years the contrasting difference between the NURTW (National Union of Road Transport Workers) and the Agberos has become more burred as you can’t tell the difference between the two groups. But by looking closely at the structure of the two groups, they are quite different. NURTW is an independent trade union that serves the interests of transport workers in the road transport sector. Agberos on the other hand are groups of street urchins which apart from being muscles for hire, engage in all manner of criminal activities from pick-pockets to selling illicit drugs. From it’s constitution, the NURTW aim is to push for social stability for all workers in the transport sector, but are we seeing that today?

Originally, Agberos are not part of the structure of the NURTW but rather employed as enforcers or levy collectors for the union. They are daily nightmare to commercial bus drivers and law enforcement agents, who are careful not to get involved in their affairs. Over the years, they have found solace in the motor parks and have solidified their position in these places by gradually infiltrating into NURTW body itself, taking up senior membership positions. Within the top hierarchy of the union, there is still proper law abiding working structure, but since most people only see the Agberos on the streets who work for them, they assume it is so with the union at large–this is wrong.

The NURTW is loosing control to the Agberos and this is becoming a problem to the society. There must be effort on the part of the union to regain it’s position and clean up it’s house. The NURTW must not forget its’ noble goals and purpose of meeting the needs of it’s grass-root members which is the reason why it was established the first place.

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