How To Know You Have A Bad Exhaust Manifold

The primary work of the exhaust manifold is to gather engine exhaust gases mainly CO (Carbon Monoxide) from the engine cylinders and delivers it to the exhaust pipe. Made out of cast iron or stainless steel, it’s subject to intense heat which makes it expand and retract as it heats up and cools down subjecting it to breakage and leakage over time. It isn’t rocket science to know when an exhaust manifold is beginning to fail, the unusual loud noise from the engine is always the first sign that gives it away. But there are other effects of a bad exhaust manifold.

Loud Noise From The Engine

Like mentioned above, the first giveaway symptom is the loud noise coming out from the engine. This is always caused by leakages and cracks from the gaskets or pipe. Aside from the noise, toxic exhaust gases will leak out which is a concern for health safety. Also exhaust gases escaping from the engine can also be a fire hazard, melting nearby plastic components in the engine bay.

Poor Fuel Economy

Another symptom is the loss of fuel economy. The car will tend to burn more fuel than normal. This means more money out of your pocket to refuel your car.

Poor Engine Performance

Your car engine performance will significantly drop making your car to lose power, speed and struggle to climb hills.

Check Engine Light Will Come On

Normally this will trigger the check engine light on. This shows that everything isn’t working properly.

How To Fix This Problem

Small leaks and cracks on the exhaust manifold can be welded shut or patched. However, large cracks will require more extensive repair. This can be considered as a temporary fix. In a case of very severe leakage or crack, a complete replacement will be needed.

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