Differences Between Using Water And Coolant In The Radiator

Water can also be considered a cooling solution when applied to the radiator of a car. Some people would even rather use water in their radiator instead of coolant but is this a good idea? And can this guarantee a lasting workable cooling system? If you find yourself in this battle of decision and do not have any coolant on hand, then you may use water. However, make sure to put some coolant at the next available moment. This is why…

While water also helps to keep your engine cool, it does not work nearly as well as coolant. This is because water boils faster and at a lower temperature than coolant. Engine coolant has also been formulated to keep the parts in your engine from becoming rust or corroded which water does not possess.

Without coolant, the heat produced through constant internal combustion would destroy the engine very quickly. Water alone is not entirely adequate to keep the system cool. High temperatures inside the motor would eventually boil the water off. In time, the water in the system would evaporate entirely.  Applying coolant will help you avoid bigger and costlier problems further down the road.

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