What Is A Catalyst And Does It Affect Fuel Economy?

When this is mention, the average car user thinks of a contraption fitted to the exhaust of a car. To some, the term is completely alien. What is this device? And what really is it’s function?

Called a Catalytic Converter, this useful device converts toxic gases from the combustion in the engine and makes it less toxic before releasing into the atmosphere. Primarily designed to make a vehicle more environmentally friendly, it comes with it’s own pros and cons.

A Catalytic Converter

In the area of fuel consumption, many people misinterpret this. Depending on the type of car or how recent a car is, absence of a Catalyst can enhance fuel economy or reduce it. Most recent cars which are more electronic have the Oxygen sensors connected to the Catalyst which will make it malfunction if the Catalyst is removed, thereby increasing fuel consumption. The opposite goes for some cars which will get better fuel economy if the Catalyst is removed because of the lessened load on the engine.

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  1. Godwin Agbonaye

    Does catalyst removal reduces the life span of a car engine.
    In the absence of catalyst.Does Connecting oxygen sensor directly to car engine advisable.

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