What To Do When Someone Is Chasing You In A Car

Driving at a high speed can be a thrilling experience as well as an opportunity to test an engine’s power capability. However, this might be hazardous to the car’s occupants as well as other road users. You can be confronted by an angry driver, and this might quickly devolve into an automobile chase. When this happens, you must treat it as a potentially life-threatening situation that must be handled with extreme caution.

If you’re driving on the expressway, this is beneficial because there are less pedestrians on the road. Make sure your seat belt is fastened, as well as the seat belts of any other passengers in the vehicle. Switch to defensive driving mode next. You must keep in mind that this will result in some vehicle damage. Either come to a complete stop so the pursuing vehicle slams into the back of your automobile, or come to a complete stop and reverse. A speed of 50 kilometers per hour should suffice, however this depends on the type of vehicle. Your vehicle will sustain only little critical damage, if any at all, and will not be rendered inoperable. As a result, the chasing vehicle will sustain critical damage to the radiator and other vital parts of the car that will disable it.

If a police station is nearby or you know where it is, go there right away. If the chasing automobile recognizes where you’re going, this could end the chase. If at all feasible, use your horn to attract attention. In some situations, this will leave the chasing car in an awkward position, causing the chase to end.

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s critical to remain calm. Even though it’s a terrifying event, your safety and the safety of your passenger are paramount.

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