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6 Things You Should Have Learned in Driving School

There are things you should have learned in driving school that you probably skipped. That’s understandable given that many people are self taught when it comes to driving. In other words, majority of people who drive today didn’t go to driving school. This is not surprising since modern cars are easier to drive compared to their predecessors. Below is a list of necessary things you should know as a driver you probably missed out.

Proper Hand Position On The Steering Wheel

The three and nine position

A variety of smart things begin to happen while your hands are in the three and nine positions. Your hands are as widely apart as possible, allowing for smoother and more precise steering inputs. You’ll also note that all of your secondary controls, such as windshield wipers and turn signals, are now accessible without taking your hands off the steering wheel. In some vehicles, you can move your thumbs to the horn button and access the horn without taking your hands off the wheel in heavy traffic.

How To Effectively Use Your Mirrors

When you first start driving lessons, it’s one of the first things you’ll learn. Check your mirrors every time you need to adjust your driving patterns in response to a road condition. Mirrors are necessary to check if it is safe to pull out into traffic, to check before signaling so that you do not confuse a vehicle behind you, to check before overtaking and changing lanes, and finally to ensure that other drivers have enough time to react.

The Blind Spot Rule

Blind spots are areas to the sides of your car that aren’t visible in your rear or side mirrors; to ensure that these areas are clear before changing lanes, you’ll have to physically turn around and look to see what’s going on. To make sure you’re safe to move over, just do a shoulder check and a mirror check. Isn’t it simple enough to take a quick look? To master this ability, you don’t need to be an expert driver.

Scanning Ahead While Driving

Scanning is when you scan ahead, to the sides, and in your mirrors to get a sense of where other vehicles are, what hazards are ahead, and where you might be able to take evasive action if necessary. The driver should be looking as far ahead as possible for clues about what is going on on the road ahead of them.

Being Aware Of Other Drivers Around You

Do not forget that you are not the only one on the road, so be mindful of other drivers. It’s important to pay attention on the road while driving. Any form of distractions like using your cell phone or not focusing on where you are heading can be disastrous.

How To Change Lanes Safely

Changing lanes when driving is a major part of a driving skill because you must be able to maneuver your way out of traffic and obstacle, this requires basic procedures.

Understanding Speed Limits And When To Slow Down

Every road has a speed limit. You can not drive on a residential road or by a school with the same speed on a high way. Caution is needed.

Driving schools are important for first time drivers because these points are highlighted and taught to them. At the end of the day, it’s all about safety.

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