Why It Is Important To Flush Your Car Engine Regularly

The engine is a vehicle’s beating heart, responsible for converting fuel into motion and power. Oil lubrication is critical for smooth functioning because of how the engine functions. However, with time, the oil loses its viscosity and sludge forms. If you want your engine to last, you should change the oil at this point. A flush solution will help to get rid of all traces of sludge before a new oil is applied, as changing the engine oil does not completely free the engine of sludge that could potentially harm its performance. We’ll go through the advantages of engine flushing and why it’s so important for your engine’s health.

  1. Flushing your car engine regularly helps remove built-up deposits of oil, grease, and other fluids.
  2. These deposits can cause your engine to run less efficiently, and over time they can lead to engine damage.
  3. Regular flushing also helps to extend the life of your engine by keeping it clean and free of harmful deposits.
  4. Flushing your engine is a relatively simple and inexpensive process that can be done at home with the right supplies.
  5. Taking the time to flush your engine regularly will pay off in the long run by keeping your car running smoothly and preventing costly repairs down the road.

There are many flushing solution available in stores today but none have a deeper sludge cleaning formula like Somkolch Engine Flush. It is formulated to break down even the heaviest sludge in the engine. It is a factory recommended OEM product for all vehicle brands.

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  1. It is recommended every time you change your oil

  2. How often is the Somkolch engine flush recommended: at every lubrication service or at every 3 service interval?

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