Does Turning Off The Air conditioner Before Turning Off Your Car Prolong The Air Conditioner’s Life?

Everyone wants to keep the interior of their car cool at all times, especially during one of those hot days. The need for maintaining that favorable interior temperature has led many people to forget, or simply ignore turning off their air conditioner before turning off their engine when exiting their car. Most people are guilty of this, including myself! But does this have any drawbacks? We will discuss this question in this blog post.

The lifespan of the air conditioner may be extended if you switch it off before you turn off your car. The burden on the compressor and other AC system parts is reduced when the air conditioner is turned off before the engine is shut off. By doing this, the system’s gradual wear and tear may be reduced.

However, given that modern air conditioning systems are built to withstand the strain of frequent use, the effect of this behavior on the air conditioner’s lifespan may not be particularly significant. To prolong the life of your car’s air conditioning system, it is crucial to undertake routine maintenance, such as monitoring refrigerant levels, cleaning or replacing filters, and inspecting belts and hoses.

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