Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Toyota

Many people are simply happy with the fact that Toyota is actually a Japanese car manufacturer. They may know all about the most latest models and upcoming cars as well. However, they may not be all that knowledgeable about other facts with this famous brand.

Toyota Land Cruiser has some deep-seated history behind it, but did you know that the first ones were built for the United States government to use in the Korean war? Do you also know that the legendary Toyota 2000GT set a high speed endurance record amidst a raging tropical storm? There are still more facts you don’t know about Toyota, read on.

1.) It Was Originally Called Toyoda With A “D”

Kiichiro Toyoda, its founder, oversaw the transition to “Toyota” after a contest for a new logo resulted in a popular choice—one that was more visually appealing in Japanese.

2.) The First Toyota Engine Was Basically A Chevrolet Engine

After casting most of its own pieces and using actual Chevrolet pieces for the rest, the Toyota Model A engine produced 65hp, nearly 10 percent more than the American version.

3.) The Model A1 Was Basically A Chrysler 

Kiichiro picked a Chrysler DeSoto as a body design because he knew it would take a couple years to get the factory ready, and he felt the DeSoto’s design was a couple years ahead of its time, and thus wouldn’t look dated when the Toyota came out.

4.) The Leading Green Brand In The World

It is official. Toyota has surged ahead of competitors and other famous brands to be crowned as the leading Global Green Brand. Toyota vehicles are ranked by the Inter brand Survey as the number 1 out of other Green brands across the world. This shows that Toyota cares for the environment.

5.) Toyota’s First Hybrid Was Actually Built In 1968

Think of it almost like a jet-powered generator that feeds juice to electric motors. Batteries in the 1960s weren’t up to snuff, which is why it didn’t succeed.

6.) The Prius Was The First Mass Produced Hybrid

Basically a car that runs on both petrol and electricity, ten years after its introduction (1997), Toyota sold its 1,000,000th unit.

7.) Toyota Developed A Complex Traffic App. Over 40 Years Ago

In the early 1970s, the Comprehensive Automobile Traffic Control System featured a control room like you’d see in a movie. It perpetually monitored traffic and let any car with a receiver know which streets were jammed, so drivers could take alternate routes.

8.) Corolla-The Best Selling Nameplate In The World

Toyota is justifiably proud of the success of its Corolla sedan. However, there is something else. The Corolla nameplates have been recognized as the best selling nameplates in the world. More than thirty million plates have sold and we are still counting.

9.) The First Belt-less Car

The first belt-less car of the world has to be the new Toyota Camry Hybrid. This car does not have seat-belts but something better than those!

Toyota has come a long way and is indeed an amazing brand considering its humble beginning. The brand deserves its reputation as one of the world’s top brands.

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