What Is Toyota SR5 And What Makes It Different From TRD?

Toyota trucks have a history of over 70 years and maybe considered one of the pioneers in the field of off-road vehicle development. Emerging as a strong contender within the truck market, Toyota is also considered one of the best truck manufacturers in the world, from small trucks to SUVs, to full-size pickups, Toyota has come a long way. Some people may wonder what is the difference between the SR5 and TRD trims of Toyota trucks. We will look at what SR5 stands for and it’s difference to the TRD.

The term SR5 stands for “Sport Rally Five Speed,” meaning the SUV is equipped with a five-speed transmission. However, as of the 2018 model year, only the SR5 trim of the Toyota 4Runner is available with a five-speed transmission. While the rest of the SR5 SUVs may not be equipped with a five-speed transmission, they are prepared for heavy usage that the typical SUV may not be equipped to handle. All Toyota SR5 SUVs are designed with reinforced body construction, advanced capability, and an upgraded suspension, making them the perfect vehicles for off-road adventures.

SR5 trucks have been around for sometime while TRD on the other hand is a newer development of trucks with sports capabilities. Many SR5 trims have been dropped in recent times in favour of TRD trims except on some truck models like the Toyota 4Runner and some Toyota Hilux trims.

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